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applycation Procedure

Accreditation Process
Outline of Accreditation Process
 When applying MLAP accreditation, an applicant laboratory must submit an "application form" with some necessary documents to the head office or any of local offices of National Institute of Evaluation and Technology (Nite), and then pay (remit) the application fee prescribed by the cabinet order. After the application is formally accepted, an accreditation assessment is carried out. The assessment consists of document reviews and on-site assessments. Conformity to accreditation criteria is evaluated through out the assessment. After the assessment, its result is notified to the applicant laboratory. The figure below indicates the outline of the accreditation process.
Note) When an accreditation body is designated as the designated accreditation body, any applicant laboratory can apply also to the designated accreditation body other than Nite.

Guides (Japanese Only)
We present following guides for more details.
  • Guide to Accreditation Application(2005.9.2)
  • Guide to preparing quality manual(2004.5.1)
  • Check lists in advance to apply MLAP (Dioxins Category)(2005.9.2)
  • Check lists in advance to apply MLAP (other Categories) (in preparation ) (Note)
Note) please contact us about the "Check lists in advance to apply MLAP (other Categories)"

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